Local Attractions


Local attractions

In Stoupa is the famous Kalogria beach.  This is the location that provided inspiration for Nikos Kazantzakis to write the book, "Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas", which was later turned into a film with the name "Zorba the Greek". Kazantzakis came to Stoupa between 1917 and 1918 to start a lignite mining business and he made Zorbas foreman of the operation. A statue of Kazantzakis overlooks the Kalogria beach, which is a 10-minute walk from Niriides holiday Apartments.

Behind the villages of Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos are the Tayegotos Mountains, where you can enjoy wonderful views and walks.

By hiring a car you can explore many small villages within a 30-minute drive.  Further away is, of course, the city of Kalamata providing extensive shopping and historic attractions such as the old castle. To the south of Stoupa is Limeni Bay and the towns of Oitylo and Aeropoli. Just beyond Aeropoli are the famous Diros Caves, and beyond them is the famous picturesque village of Vathia, and finally the lighthouse at Tenaro, the most southerly point in Greece. To reach the lighthouse you have a 2km walk from where you can park your car.

Travelling beyond Kalamata there are several towns of interest, plus archaeological sites such as Ancient Messinia and Olympia.

Agios Nikolaos

Fishing Cruises with Captain Antonis

A chance to explore the Magical Mani from the sea.

Each cruise can be tailored to your requirements.  You can visit beaches, caves, swim in beautiful warm, clear waters or spend some time fishing, your choice!  While onboard you will be provided with a selection from coffee, drinks, homemade snacks, Greek salad, seasonal fruits and wine depending on the time of day.

Easy to find from Sofias Apartments, the mooring is opposite the building.


Note, the maximum number of passengers per trip is 9 people.

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